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IPPOKAMPOS & IPPOKAMPAKI BEACH BAR - RESTAURANT | Beach Bar - Restaurant Alykes Drosia Chalkida

IPPOKAMPOS & IPPOKAMPAKI BEACH BAR - RESTAURANT is a dining destination that offers catering services for various events. We undertake the organization of tables for weddings, baptisms, birthday parties and business dinners.

When it comes to weddings, IPPOKAMPOS & IPPOKAMPAKI BEACH BAR - RESTAURANT can organize a romantic and unique celebration. We offer a variety of wedding dinner menus that can be tailored to the couples individual preferences and dietary needs. In addition, we can take care of venue decoration, equipment hire and music or live music arrangements to create the perfect atmosphere for your wedding.

For christenings, we can host the christening table in the beautiful garden or inside the restaurant. We offer children's menus, special menus for parents and equipment rental options for the needs of your little ones.

For birthday parties, we can organize an unforgettable celebration for children and adults. We provide a variety of party menus, children's games and entertainment, as well as specially decorated party tables.

In addition, IPPOKAMPOS & IPPOKAMPAKI BEACH BAR - RESTAURANT can host business dinners, such as business events or conferences. We can provide customized menus, technical equipment for presentations and staff service to ensure the success of your business lunch.

All in all, our event planning service offers a complete solution for your special events, ensuring high quality food, beautiful atmosphere and professional service.


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